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We are rooting in the Hudson Valley on Haudenosaunee and Mohican lands in what is presently known as Chatham, New York. We care deeply about our connection to land and food, and are committed to rekindling this reciprocal and sacred relationship through farming, community, and cultural preservation. We believe in reconnecting and reflecting with plant relatives, many lost from histories of imperialism.

We are proud of the way we grow food, medicine, and nourishment which can be synthesized as bio-intensive, no-till, hand scale, chemical free, and beyond organic. We make our own compost, save seeds for future generations, and prioritize a pace and time scale in line with the earth’s rhythms and our own needs.

We created this space because there are very few safe spaces for BIPOC trans people to exist in. We seek to build a global majority led farm that is safe to show up to on a daily basis and that can create sustainable livelihoods for trans farmers like ourselves. We aim to teach members of our community, to build confidence and knowledge for folks not traditionally welcomed in farming.

Self determination, abolishing hierarchy, and building interdependence are tenants of our farm and values that we hope to embed into our local food system as we continue to grow.

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Art and graphics by Pang Ink
Logo by Isabel Avina
Pictures courtesy of Dylan Garcia and Gentle Time Farm
2024 Gentle Time Farm LLC
Old Chatham, NY

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This project is grounded in mutual aid. We take responsibility for caring for one another within our political context. We desire to become part of existing care networks and to form new ones.