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If you are interested in supporting our work and vision you can contribute funds via paypal here, or venmo @gentletimefarm

For large donations please reach out to as we recently recieved fiscal sponsorship and can now receive tax deductible donations.

Your contribution goes towards…
Supporting living wages for our team
Buying new tools and equipment that help us farm more efficiently
Purchasing seeds and upfront supplies costs for the season
Giving vegetables away for no-cost through our community partners and mutual aid networks

We are not a non-profit so your contributions via venmo are not tax deductable. If you need tax deductibel donations please email us at

Art and graphics by Pang Ink
Logo by Isabel Avina
Pictures courtesy of Dylan Garcia and Gentle Time Farm
2024 Gentle Time Farm LLC
Old Chatham, NY

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This project is grounded in mutual aid. We take responsibility for caring for one another within our political context. We desire to become part of existing care networks and to form new ones.