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︎meet the farmers: 

Kaija Xiao she/her
Kaija is a 3rd generation Taiwanese/Chinese-American, farmer, and organizer pursuing projects and research around the topics of food sovereignty, community agriculture, cooperatives, and decolonial land practices. She holds a M.S. from The New School’s Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management Program where where she organized with civil society organizations in the Climate Justice and Just Transition space.
Salt Wang they/them
hi I’m salt and I’m a wasian trans nBi gay farmer and educator in upstate NY! I like hand weeding, motorcycles, hotpot, reading, and being loud…so excited to be at GTF in a bigger capacity and can’t wait to vlog all day!
Shanshan Chan they/them (plural)
Shanshan is Chinese and loves farming. They like to spend time outside growing and finding food that comes in all shapes and sizes and colors and textures... Shanshan is being born anew everyday. They are in school to become a relational therapist and think about the relations in all things. They are excited to grow ginger and catch fish this year. 

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This project is grounded in mutual aid. We take responsibility for caring for one another within our political context. We desire to become part of existing care networks and to form new ones.