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We are proud to embedded in an alternative food system and are inspired by the work happening in our network. Since the start of this project, we’ve prioritized working together with other farms, collectives, community organizations, and restaurants to move food throughout many networks and to many plates. It takes many connections to run a successful farm, and we’re thankful for all those who have been a part <3 

Cooperative Farm Partners:
Choy Division
Star Route Farm
Good Food Farmers
Dogwood Farm & Rock City Mushrooms
New Lebanon Cooperartive CSA
Abode Farm
New Leaf Farm

Upstate Resturant Collaborators:
Lil Deb’s Oasis  
Cafe Mutton

NYC Resturant/Food Collaborators:
Wen Wen
Ho Foods
Nha Mihn
Yellow Rose
Krueng Cambodia
Be bep

Community Collaborators:
Choy Commons
Long Table Harvest
Herbal Mutual Aid Network
Heart of Dinner
Send Chinatown Love
Red Canary Song

More Collaborators:
Glynwood CSA is a SNAP
Glynwood Food Sovereignty Fund
Co-op Hudson Valley
BK Packers
Rock Steady Farm
GrowNYC Wholesale

New Lebanon Farmers Market
Chatham Food Co-Op
Talbot and Arding
Rolling Grocer 19

and our friends and lovers who consistenly lift us up <3  


Art and graphics by Pang Ink
Logo by Isabel Avina
Pictures courtesy of Dylan Garcia and Gentle Time Farm
2024 Gentle Time Farm LLC
Old Chatham, NY

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This project is grounded in mutual aid. We take responsibility for caring for one another within our political context. We desire to become part of existing care networks and to form new ones.