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2022 Season: (stay tuned for 2023 offerings)

Gentle Time Farm is partnering with Good Chi Farm and Good Food Farmers Network to offer local farm fresh Asian foods by delivery to neighborhoods in Westchester and Columbia County

We are making available culturally relevant Asian vegetables grown in the Hudson Valley without chemicals or pesticides. We take pride in stewarding the soils on our farms and are excited to be part of a food ecosystem and food sovereignty movement in the Northeast.

Farm Fresh Asian Foods Subscription will feature a variety of vegetables with origins from Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. This includes a rotating variety of choys, salad greens, braising and pickling greens; aromatic herbs, such as garlic chives, chilis and perilla and basils; root vegetables; cucumbers, eggplant, squash and more! We are also able to supply mushrooms through Rock City Mushrooms, and will be partnering with local value-added producers to get you things like fermented foods, meats, eggs, and more.

How it works: 

Each week we will put together a default box for your Farm Fresh Asian Food Subscription and you’ll have the option to customize your delivery from there. As a member of Good Food Farmers, you’ll have access to over 80 items each week from across the network. Although you will be signing up for a weekly subscription, you are welcome to put your delivery on hold as needed. Our online store is open for customizing each week from Friday through Sunday. There is a $40 order minimum plus a $7 home delivery fee and orders are delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on location.

A sample of some of the vegetables we will be growing this season:Bok Choys:
Joi Choi, Ultra Baby Shanghai, Jimao Choi Tips, and more!

Bagged/Bunched Greens:
A baby greens mix (including Tokyo Bekana, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Mustards), Yu Mai Cai/Taiwan Lettuce, Jie Lan/Chinese Broccoli), Heading Mustard, Amaranth, Celtuce, and more!

Cabbage and Roots:
Napa Cabbage, Taiwan Flat Cabbage, Kuroda Carrots, Daikon Radishes, Lo Buo, and more!

Aromatics and Herbs:
Garlic Chives, Scallions, Cilantro, Shiso, Garlic, Ginger, Thai Basil, Asian Shallots, and hot peppers!

Fruiting Veg:
Taiwanese and Thai eggplant, cucumbers, yard long beans, bitter melon, korean squash, snow peas, kabocha, and more!

The food we grow is fresh and sustainable, harvested within days of delivery. This means we can grow more delicious, nutritious, and more time sensitive varieties that don’t need to be shipped thousands of miles to reach you. We are small farms growing nourishing foods that we believe have the power to heal our communities, bring people together, and build soil that will continue to feed us in the face of climate change!  

Please contact us to confirm that we can deliever to your address ︎

Art and graphics by Pang Ink
Logo by Isabel Avina
Pictures courtesy of Dylan Garcia and Gentle Time Farm
2023 Gentle Time Farm LLC
Old Chatham, NY

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This project is grounded in mutual aid. We take responsibility for caring for one another within our political context. We desire to become part of existing care networks and to form new ones.